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Philadelphia native Marnie’s life has been driven by sports—particularly the Philadelphia Eagles. Her grandfather, Leonard Tose, was the owner of the Eagles and also founded the Ronald McDonald House. His dedication to family, charity, and sports taught Marnie the importance of giving back, something she has carried forward into her career in the nonprofit sector. 


Some of Marnie’s fondest memories are of visiting and exploring NFL cities when traveling with the Eagles, and then treating her friends (the guys, anyway) to time in the team’s locker room. She’s also a baseball fan, a result of spending summers in the Eagles’ office, right next door to the Philadelphia Phillies, who gave her free tickets to their games. She can tell you exactly how many homers Mike Schmidt hit and what Steve Carlton’s best pitch was (hint: it rhymes with “glider”). She loves the Ronald McDonald House and visits locations in every city she travels to. 


Marnie, who attended Penn State University and majored in broadcast journalism, is the founder of the Keep On Playing Foundation, which gives underprivileged children the opportunity to learn confidence, leadership, and the importance of teamwork through sports. Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Philadelphia is her first children’s book and her way of 

giving back to the Philadelphia community. She lives with her three kids—Jonathan, 16, Goldie, 14, and Leo, 13—three rescue dogs, and one handsome pony named Billy in Charlotte, NC.


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