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Freddie and Fumble LOVE Football and they’re on a mission to see every team in the country on their home turf. But these cities have more to offer than just the game: there are historical sites, national parks, museums, and even local dishes—Freddie and Fumble want to see it all!


For their first trip, the dynamic duo headed to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, visit Reading Terminal Market, and snag a cheesesteak at Pat’s and Geno’s before attending the Eagles game on Sunday with Freddie’s football-loving family. Now they’re on the way to Chicago to see Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, and other historic locations to learn everything they can about the Windy City.


There are more and more cities to discover, each with their own special history and traditions! Maybe Freddie and Fumble will ride to the top of the Seattle Space Needle or do the Lambeau Leap in Green Bay. There’s so much to do and so many wonderful cities to explore! What will Freddie and Fumble discover next?

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